Dr. Paul Pope - Writer

Dr. Paul Pope has been an avid home brewer for over ten years. He is a professor at Montana State University Billings where he teaches, among other things, in the Craft Brewing and Fermentation program, and is the lead instructor for the Craft Beer Learn and Taste series.

ALICIA Lang - Publisher

The brewing community here has always intrigued me: between the brewers, where competition and camaraderie go hand-in-hand; to the renovating of old gas stations/bank buildings, from lodge inspired to modern structures located all over the state. That’s a winning combination in my book: dining, traveling, retail therapy and Montana microbrews.

MacKenzie Richer - Writer

The names MacKenzie, but those who know me call me Kenzie or “Belle of Beer”.  I’m a proud Montanan who loves to frequent rock concerts (there should really be a punch card) and a huge craft beer fan.  I enjoy the outdoors, growing hops and home brewing.  If I’m at a brewery, you’ll find me bellied up to the bar laughing with the locals.  Let’s talk craft!

Vince Grewe, Alex S. Hartford, Thayne Mackey and Don & LuAnn Schrauth for contributing to our publication and Blog content. 

Steve Lozar - Writer

Montana native Steve (Bubs) Lozar is the great Grandson of Josef Lozar, a Slovenian immigrant and associate of Nicholas Kessler of the Kessler Brewery of Helena.  He and his wife of 45 years, Keryl own the Montana Brewery Museum located in Polson.  He is an enrolled member of  the Salish and Kootenai Tribes and taught college Anthropology for 30 years.  Keryl and Steve have 5 grown children and 10 grandchildren.  Steve is employed as a historic document researcher and is a Trustee and former President of the Montana Historical Society.  He is a published author and frequent speaker on Montana’s brewing history.

CARSON ROSE Zeigler - Photographer

Born and raised in Montana. Married with two wonderful children. I received my first camera when I was around seven and the spark it ignited in my soul has never gone out. I have a passion for adventure, photography, extra hoppy beverages and music.

Scott Sery - Writer

Scott Sery has been a homebrewer for over a decade.  Over the years he has developed a palate for well crafted beer, and enjoys experiencing the nuances of the different styles.  As the secretary of the Rimrock Brewer's Guild he makes sure that the Guild is in communication with the members.

Travis Collins - Writer

Travis has been in the restaurant industry for over 20 years.  His love for a beer-centered culture stems from those loud, fast-paced Friday nights.  Always one to seek out a new beer or brewery, his love for that “neighborhood” feel is what drives his passion for making meaningful beer connections.  He has been living in MT for 22 years with his wife and 3 daughters.  

Dan Rice - Writer

Dan Rice is an attorney and tavern owner in Miles City, MT. He and his wife Ilyana own the Trails Inn Tap Haus, a 40 tap beer bar located in historic downtown Miles City, which focuses on Montana and imported craft beer. The Trails Inn features a large selection of imported and American sour beers on tap, imported Belgian beer on tap and in bottles, and a diverse selection of Montana crafted beers, with an emphasis on seasonal releases. 

A little bit about us.

        I am a born and raised Montanan. I hail from Great Falls and have lived in Billings for the past 33 years. I love my husband and 2 sons (The oldest is a banker in Seattle and the youngest is in law enforcement in Missoula); chocolate; Montana’s Craft Beer, and everything about the culture.
        Advertising and printing are in my blood. I’ve been successful in many fields: radio, newspapers, print shops, ad agencies, corporate promotional and wearables. I have met so many amazing people as I have traveled through Montana and Wyoming.
       Why this venture?  Six years ago, after reading through a regional beer publication that allocates only a small section on Montana Breweries and the Montana craft beer scene; I decided to layout a business plan to start a Montana only publication. At that time: there were only 32 + Breweries in Montana, my sons were in College (GO GRIZ!); but the financing and timing was not right.

 Fast forward to last year: I reached the point that my family encouraged me to stop and smell the roses, and try working out of the house. Do what you LOVE, right? I’ve served craft beer since 2007 at many: events, fundraisers and Canyon Creek Brewing; while gaining knowledge from my husband Vince, who brewed professionally for a year. With financial backing from my supportive husband, here we are - 406 HOPS Brewing News!
        My hobbies include not only Montana brewery tours but biking, skiing, snowshoe, fishing and a great love for paddle boarding, before it was a craze.
        Last but not least: Alicia, our amazing publisher and I have been co-workers and friends who like to stay on the cutting edge. If you have suggestions, questions or concerns, please email us, because we are always open to improving and “stayin’ the hipsters” that we are…. Now, that’s funny. CHEERS!

TREVA​ Kenik-Grewe

Brainchild of 406 Hops Brewing News

Josh Michael - Writer

Josh Michael attended Berklee College of Music and holds an M.F.A. from Vermont College of Fine Arts. He teaches writing courses at Montana State University-Billings. 

Lynne Jourdonnais - Writer

I was born and raised in Great Falls along with my four brothers, and am a Montanan through and through.  I love hanging with my kid, a new adventure of any kind, getting into the car and exploring new places, hiking, sitting streamside with friends or my kid and a 6 pack of cold beer or bottle of wine, floating a Montana river on a scorching summer day. Writing has become a new hobby. Hope you enjoy my articles!

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WHO WE ARE: With a deep passion for craft beer and the process involved; I decided to pursue a dream of creating a publication that focuses on Montana. 406 Hops Spotlights: brewery/taprooms, beer selections/styles, events, homebrewing and women in brewing. Montana Brewers Association affiliate member.

WHY DO THIS?  I wanted to work at something I love - Montana’s fantastic craft beer and culture while traveling the state! Dedicated to promoting and educating customers in concern to everything Montana microbrewing encompasses. 

WE DO NOT:  Print malicious or accusatory content.